Traditional K-12 School

1. Dashboard

This is the school dashboard page. You can customize the display as per your choice by simply dragging and dropping the information blocks. This page lists the summary of all the records in the school.
You can also add todo items and view the location of school in map from this page.


2. Teachers

This is teacher’s dashboard page listing all the teachers in the school. The detail of the teacher can be viewed by clicking on Photo or Teacher’s Name. The link to invite new teacher, assign existing teacher and add new teacher is also there.
The school admin is able to select the desired information field to display in the list.


3. Students

This page lists the students. The detail of each student can be veiwed by clicking on “Photo” or “Stduent’s name”.
The fields to be displayed in the list can be selected.


4. Attendance

This page is used for taking attendance of students. School admins or homeroom teachers will be able to take attendance of students.
Simply click the checkbox with remarks if any for each student for the selected ‘Attendance Date’ and click ‘Save’.
The attendance status of assigned students can also be viewed from this page for the selected date.


5. Courses

This page manages the different courses in the school. ‘Add New Course’ adds a new course that may be associated with one or more grade level.
Credit hours is required field and used to calculate the overall grade of the student. The tab ‘List Courses’ lists the courses.
The information columns displayed in the list is managed by the school admin. Each courses can be edited/deleted from the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ icon
respectively from the ‘Actions’ tab. There are ‘Assignments’ and ‘Assignments Category’ tab in the ‘Actions’ column which adds new
categorized assignments for this particular course.


6. GradeLevels

This section manages the grade levels. Add, Edit and Delete of gradelevels is carried out from this page.


3. Other Pages

General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting
General Setting