Teacher Information

The teachers are also primarily involved in the system to automate. They are responsible for entering the assessment marks of individual students and taking attendance. Instead of taking note of marks of curricular and extra curricular activities into the notebook, they simply can enter the record in the system. This magically works both to ease them and also to instantly update the student record.

School administrator can either add the teacher directly or invite them to join the system via email. They have complete control of assigning teacher to some grade level, assigning particular one as class teacher and giving other administrative roles.

All the activities of teacher are logged into the system. They can also be evaluated instantly via the normalized database records of amazing monsterweb planner system. This helps as a profile building to themselves by keeping the good record of academic success in terms of student excellency in those assigned course.

The school administrator can search through the monsterwebplanner database to find out the best teacher that fits their requirement. So besides the system helping teachers manage all the manual tasks, it aids to develop their career and profile building.

The teachers can manage their own profiles and view student information. They can focus on some weak students in their weak field by the use of the system.

Our system has very easy interface to assign teacher to some particular grade levels, assigning them as class teacher and giving them specific role permission to do other activities .