Student Information

You can visualize the system just like the way the actual school system works. The student information are kept and tracked 100%. The parents are even able to know how much their child scored in the 2nd assignment of June.

Academic Progress

Due to our busy schedules, we don’t have much time to regularly check how our child are making academic progress in the school except the final result report card. We don’t have much time to track the skills our child is developing in the school. So either we will have to take out hours of our time everyday and sit with child and go along with their curriculum or just regret at the end of year after knowing the child’s progress card.

MonsterWeb Planner is absolutely here for this kind situation. You can track each and every activity of your child like you are there in school. You can track the list of assignments for a particular subject or course. The evaluation done by the course teacher is put available to view. You can track the coming exams, daily attendance, list of assignments, all extra curricular activities etc. You can check on which subject, your child is getting weaker any time. So you can always keep balanced between your child’s mind of academic and non-academic focus. You can grow your kids smart. If he/she is weak in any subject, help her and make them best at the right time.

We are working on to instantly notify the parents if their child has scored less than some range in any academic and non-academic activities.

Another cool feature in our system is Autogenerated Report Card.

Complete Record Keeping

The system keeps record of each and every academic and non-academic activities. Their personal information, address, emergency contacts, parent information all are saved in our secure database architecture. We regularly take backup of all the data. Besides that, the schools can themselves save their data of a particular instance. They are kept forever. The most interesting feature of it is, you can always track a particular student from where he started losing focus.