We are very serious about the information security of users and schools. The data will not be shared to anyone. Every user will have their assigned role. No-one can access the information and section that he has not permitted. We have done deep testing of the system which guarantees the user role and information access.

The system is developed and running under latest programming package which ensures all kind of security. We have encrypted all the data coming along the network so that no-one can alter it on the way. The data are stored in secure distributed server.
We have implemented the following checklist in terms of database security

  • Restricting unauthorized access and use by implementing strong and multifactor access and data management controls
  • Load/stress testing and capacity testing of a database to ensure it does not crash in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack or user overload
  • Physical security of the database server and backup equipment from theft and natural disasters
  • Reviewing existing system for any known or unknown vulnerabilities and defining and implementing a road map/plan to mitigate them