Payment Remainder

Payment Remainder is another cool feature of our system. We give complete information about the upcoming invoice, unpaid student invoice to the parents. This is a part of our automated payment system. The notification email prior to the invoice date can be updated by the school admin. Once the payment titles are scheduled, each title will be notified prior to the date set in the following setting to each parents of the system. This will help parents know and track about what is going on with their credit card balance. Once the amount is deducted, they will again be notified with full invoice detail.

All of these transaction information are saved in the system so that any user can view view their list of expenses anytime.

The parents are always aware of upcoming payment schedules via payment timeline. This payment timeline is based on the payment setup made by the school admin for the particular grade levels.

The payment where from the parents is transferred to the school admin account setup in the settings page. The following screenshot details about it in Sandbox mode.