The billing is automatic in MonsterWeb Planner. Parents just enter their credit card information and the child’s bill is paid in time automatically by crediting the parent’s account.
It save huge burden of visiting the school to pay bills or follow other manual procedures. Billing is a very time-consuming matter of subject, which can’t definitely be ignored. Account department has to keep track of numerous types of fees, manage incoming payments and receipts, making bills and sending notices when bills are due. MonsterWeb Planner stores all the accounting details relating to the student in a file and monitors all the actions on monetary record.


MonsterWeb Planner provides a perfect platform to manage student information. All the basic details about the students including contact information, current academic status and other school activities can be recorded in the database. The student details can be easily accessed, addedand edited by the qualified staff. All the administrators and instructors can keep track of the recent record of the student. Information regarding billing, accounts, and history are easily added and tracked by administrators. The database is customizable so new fields can be added to fit your program’s unique needs. Using this application, the students’ record are always up-to-date.
The database holds all the student information in the single repository. Administrators and Instructors can efficiently manage student details. Student’s assignment, performance can be recorded by the instructors and similarly, administrator can update the academic accounting, class schedules, grading and notices using this app. With our interactive student database, administrator and instructors are always on the same page. Information gathering is more effective and profitable as the database phases out the need of creation and management of numerous student files. The academic paperwork can be filled online, the semester fees can be checked and paid online as well as the basic personal information can be updated online. If not for this application, the students might have to visit school’s office and work on these matters personally. Students can keep track of their grades, assignments and check their progress any time accessing their record.


The MonsterWeb Planner’s teacher database enables the staff with administrative rights to enter the basic information about the teachers, instructors and staff members like their qualification and work period.
Teacher are able to know their schedules, get classroom information and keep tract of their students without contacting the school’s office. MonsterWeb Planner is a secure system which aids teachers to access their school records and information.Teachers can make the classroom reports and forms in the database which can be shared among the students, their parents and administrators.


Parents can be stay up-to-date with their kid’s school performance and connect to teachers for required discussions and suggestion at any time of the day via Parental Portal. The parents are actively involved and their matter of concern relating their kid’s attendance, records, grades, assignments and progress can be supervised using this application. The information visible to the parents in the portal are completely customizable as per the school’s policy.

The information parents receive are highly influential by their kids as most of the times the kids are asked to inform their parents by the kids. This features works as an aid against the communication barrier between the school administrators and parents. Parents are timely updated about their kid’s academic activities, changes in the school system, and can comfortably check for payments to be made to school. Parental Portal brings parents and school, the two most influential bodies together for child’s development.


Daily attendance at the beginning of the class can cost valuable time and are difficult to manage sometimes. Attendance books are hard to read and the possibility of errors is prominent when it comes to taking and managing attendance of large number of students. Online attendance page makes the attendance quick and less prone to errors. The online attendance has bright and clean appearances and a simple click can mark a student’s presence or absence. One of the benefits of the online attendance is that the parents have access to check their children’s attendance via Parent Portal. Once the teacher is done with the attendance, the attendance of the students are published in their respective parent’s portal. Hence, online attendance is the best method to eliminate errors in the attendance system and increase parent’s involvement in the educating process.


Grade book feature helps to make recording and calculating grades easier and efficient. Teacher simply has to enter the student’s grade and this feature will do all the later calculations. The category of the subjects, the assignment’s marking system, adding and deleting assignments, redefining grade weighting are completely customizable. Teachers don’t have to spend their time in creating grade books and reports. MonsterWeb Planner’s Grade book makes all the calculations and create reports associated with grading. The report card and transcripts are concluded automatically using the details from the database.

The progress report cards and current grading of the students are automatically posted to Parental Portal so the parents will not have to make additional effort to find out the current academic progress of their kids. Grade book is the feature which saves time for both teachers and parents, it not only helps to know the current academic status of the student but also compare the student’s progress graph in different assignments and tests.


Report cards are considered as the summation of student’s academic growth hence, it is the most anticipated report of the school year. As important as it is for the students, it is the most time consuming and hectic process for the school administration to produce the report cards. MonsterWeb Planner is the perfect solution to produce the report cards, report cards are prepared using the information from the school’s interactive database, reports are completely customizable and unique feedback and information can be added for indivisual student without any difficulty as well. The output report approved by the teachers or the administrator are easily available to the students and parents via their portals. The results can be provided as PDF, printed and sent as official mails for the record.


Assigning homework to students, explaining them the instructions, asking them to note down the assignment and making sure everyone has completed task has been a daily difficult business for the teachers. With homework feature, teachers can post the assignments to the Parent and Student Portals directly along with the instruction, details, additional attachment, assigned date and its due date. Addition of clarification or modification of the assignment in required condition can be made easily. Parents have direct access to know the projects and assignment their kids have to do in particular time so parents can also be effectively involved helping their kids complete the assigned tasks. Any queries relating to the assignment can be asked by students and parents to the teacher via messages and complete the homework correctly. Parents can check if their kids have completed the task or not as well as check the feedback from the teacher on the checked assignments.