Automated Student Bill Payment

The school bills (eg: monthly tuition fee) payment on behalf of student is automated in our system. This is one of the most exciting and distinguishable feature. The way it works is very simple and straightforward.

For every user, There is a Payment Method section under the user profile. The parents can enter their credit card information if they want to pay via credit card. Please be ensure that we keep all your records totally confidential. They can also use paypal for their automated payment for which they will have to Approve their paypal account. They can select their default automatic payment methods. Currently we support Credit Card and Paypal. We are working on to add more payment methods in future.

Once the school sets up the payment schedules that is applied to the particular student belonging to some grade level, the student is liable to pay them. Parents are responsible for it. Here comes the beauty of our system: The bills of students is automatically paid by the credit card or paypal account of their parents.

The users are notified by the email on each payments. If any one payment method fails then system tries to use another to pay the bill. Paypal should be authorized and preapproved before it can be used for the automatic bills payments. Each actions regarding the transactions are notified by the email and kept record in the system.