AutoGenerated Report Card

This is another cool and exciting feature of Monsterweb Planner system. Why you wait for a year to view the overall report card? Why you manually collect all the assignment scores, attendance score and other activities to generate report card? Why hurting your brain sir in non-productive work like this?

The report card is instantly generated at the end of the year. Just keep entering the assignment marks by the course teacher where as class teacher keeps taking attendance. You have already defined how much the contribution will be in final score in each course. We have very flexible course setup section which allows all kind of marks allocation. Gotcha, all the assignments are over? you have the report.

This is how you are going to add Assignment Categories for the Course

You can further add actual assignments and allocate full marks, pass marks. The final score thus depends on the weight percentage given to assignment category, actual marks obtained by the student in that particular assignment belonging to that category. The overall report card result is calculated using the Credits of the particular course.

Grade Sheet Sample

The above pdf file is the sample of report generated by the system. This is just an example of with very few entities. We have unlimited possibilities of entities to create the report card.