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MonsterWeb Planner

MonsterWeb Planner is a feature rich, easy to use and complete school management system. It handles all the departments of a school like automated accounting, student records, dynamic report card generation, parent-student-teacher coordination etc. We are extending it's capability to make it able to manage all kinds of personal business. So it will be a common platform that brings together all the family members. The ability to manage multiple school and organization under single login credentials is the unique featured of this system. You don't need to worry about remembering multiple login information from the school website of your child to the website which manages your personal business and also another school website of your daughter. We will take care of everything.

Tired of manually managing everything?

Why not to try our awesome system with all cool features!

Main Features

Student Information

  • Student Particulars
  • Contact Information
  • Academic Status
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Parent and Sibling Info
  • Billing
  • Class Scheduling ...

Teacher Information

  • Contact Information
  • Schedules
  • Student Evaluation
  • Communication with Parents
  • Online Attendance
  • Sharing and Discussion

Parent Access

  • Automated Online Bill Payment
  • Child's Performance and Gradesheet
  • Communication with Teacher
  • Single Signin
  • Online Admission


  • Daily Attendance
  • Online attendance page makes the attendance quick and less prone to errors, also has bright and clean appearances and a simple click can mark a student's presence or absence.

Grade book

  • Automated Report Card Generation
  • The score record of categorized assignments to each student automatically results to final grade calculation for the particular course.

Report Cards

  • Report cards are prepared using the information from the school's interactive database so will be available anytime. The results can be provided as PDF, printed and sent as official mails for the record.


  • You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students. They can be evaluated and scored by the teacher to create final grade for that course.

Online Payments

  • The system has automated dynamic online payment system. The credit card or paypal information of the parent are stored in the system securly which are automatically credited to school.

And so much more !

MonsterWeb Planner has the powerful central database system housed in a secure distributed server. All the integrated payment modules are well tested and secure. So we assure the security guarantee of all the data and transactions through MonsterWeb Planner system. We periodically backup all of your data so you don't need to worry about the backup and data loss. We also provide instant support if you run into any problem. Please do not hesitate to try our system and give feedback. They will be valuable for us to improve.

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